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FL Studio Lesson covering everything that's need to work FL studio to produce your music.

  • Full audio recording and post-production. Producer edition allows you to record external and internal audio. Record up to the maximum number of simultaneous audio tracks your computer and audio interface (soundcard) can support.

  • Access to the Playlist Pattern, Audio and Automation Clips for arranging, chopping, stretching, time-shifting any Audio,Notes and Automation.

  • Use the flexible Automation Clip based automation to overlay audio, notes in the Playlist and hand-draw/edit point & curve based splines.

  • With the addition of audio-focussed plugins such as Edison, Slicex and Vocodex to help you chop, loop and perform audio in creative ways.

  • Synthmaker, a modular synthesizer and effects creation environment with unlimited potential.


  • All Fruity Edition features plus...

  • Audio recording from external sources.

  • Direct-to-disk recording & offline rendering of Mixer tracks.

  • Audio Clips with waveform view & support for cue points.

  • Automation Clips with editable envelopes and LFO mode.

  • Edison - integrated audio editor/recorder.

  • Slicex - loop slicer & re-arranger.

  • Vocodex - advanced vocoder.

  • Synthmaker – advanced everything!

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