CD: Effects: FX's 1

CD: Effects: FX's 1
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This CD has all the effects great effects that you can use everyday. We sat down and put together a an FX's cd that has every kind of effect sound you need like guns samples, gun cock samples, a bullet ricochet, animals like, dogs, cats, pigs, cows, street sounds, like kids playing in the street, a basketball game at the local park, a ride on a train, crossing the street, car horns, an ice cream truck and many more streets that you hear everyday. We have the sound of a fire the wind rain thunder and lighting, and more of what mother nature has to offer. We got helicopters jet planes airport sounds, how about a punch in the face or one in the guts, or a crowd in a cafe or restaurant, inside a department store, a concert crowd, a fireworks celebration, bombs and more. Cars sounds, horns, crashes, car driving by, car skids, car stops an idles, cartoon sounds, radios, the human sounds like a baby, laughter girl screams, coughing crying burps,sucking on a straw, sneeze, chewing on food, just lot of really cool sample sounds. This one of our most popular CDs, there are so many sound here you can't go wrong, so I know your going to love it.

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