AKAI MPC Samples Download

AKAI MPC Samples Download
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Our MPC Download Pack has over 6,400 samples more then 70 kits all in programs and ready to go. Kits include MPC3000 Kits, MPC60 Kits, MPC4000 Kits, Moog Synth Kit, Samba Drum Kit, Ambience Drum Kit, New 60's Drum Kit, Loft Drum Kit, LA Drums Kit, United Kingdom 9 Kits, Solid Drum Kit, Native Drum Kit, Live Drum Kit ,Percussion Kit, Power Drum Kit, Metal Drum kit, Mix1 Dry Kit, Mix2 Gated Drum Kits, Real Vocal Kit 1, Real Vocal Kit 2, Dance Kit 1, Dance Kit 2, Big Funk Kit, Brushes Kit, ARP Odyssey Kit, Acuostic Guitar Kit, Demo Kit, Dist Wheel Organ, Drum Kit, Electric Bass Kit, Electric Piano Kit, General MIDI Kit, Grand Piano Kit, Mini Moog, Thunder, Electric Keys, 808 Drums Kit, 909 Drums Kit, Bass 2, Bass 3, Bump Drum Kit, CR78 Drum Kit, Dance Hits Dr. Dre Drum Kit 1, Dr. Dre Drum Kit 2, Dr. Dre Drum Kit 3, Emu Drumulator Kit, Flava Drums Kit 1, Funk Drums Kit, FX's Kit 1, FX's Kit 2, Hi Hat City Kit, Hip Set Drums Kit, Jeep Drums Kit, Linn MK2 Drum Kit, Marley Drum Kit Neptunes Kit Nu School Drums Kit Ol' School Drums Kit Premo Drums Kits Reggatone Drums Kit Simmons Drums Kit Just Kick Drums Kit Just Snare Drums Kit Swing Drums Kit Tight Drums Kit Timbo Drums Kit, XR10 Drums Kit, and much much more all in Programs just press load and there on every pad and your good to go.


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